Silverlight WCF Communication Issues!

Lets get the context straight first…i am a hardcore Microsoft person..infact i work ONLY on microsoft technologies.

But its a fact that the speed at which technology is being churned out its becoming difficult to learn how to make all different pieces work together

Although to be fair i think this article is a little late ,as the future prediction is that everyone will use Silverlight with WCF RIA services here on….but for those who may not do so(or maybe all such issues aren’t even resolved)..the next few bulb flashes will be me empathizing with those grapping with issues of making Silverlight work with WCF in a real production environment  and a few things i did to overcome them..

1. Message Size restriction

2. Debugging

3. Foreign key objects not propagated to client

4. Update Service reference issues

So read on and hope these upcoming flashes save you a couple of hours and grey cells!!



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Cennest is the brainchild of a group of IT Professionals keen to try their hand in the world of IT Freelancing. After working in the corpora

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